Official Selection

While we celebrate the one-year anniversary of our pilot episode premiere, “Hellgate Academy” was just announced as an official selection at the Diabolical Horror Film Festival, and Kane Prestenback was nominated for Best Actor at their Carnage Awards. We also just finished a month of sharing a variety of new content on all of our social pages. Check them out everywhere @hellgateacademy for behind-the-scenes photos, stories about our creative process, and much more.

Official Pilot Trailer Released at NYCC 2018

We are so excited to release the official trailer for our pilot episode. Creator and Star Kane Prestenback has been attending the 2018 New York Comic Con, taking in fantasy, horror, and demon themed panels and meeting fellow creators, and officially revealed the trailer on YouTube and all of our social media outlets as part of the convention! Follow along with our Comic Con adventures on Instagram, and please Like, Comment, and Share our trailer! Subscribe now to be the one of the first to see the pilot episode when it premieres later this month.

Principal Photography Completed

We are very excited to announce that principal photography for our pilot episode began over the weekend and has now been completed. Even more exciting, we are so happy to be able to say that we finished ahead of schedule and under budget! Thank you to everyone who joined us on set. We are preparing behind-the-scenes features coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more during our post-production stage.

Welcome to Hellgate Academy

Welcome to the new website for the urban fantasy webseries, Hellgate Academy. This is where we plan on sharing any news regarding the production, such as release dates, behind-the-scenes material, festival showings, awards, and more.