When a slacker New York post-grad discovers he is a Demon, he must struggle through his training to tempt a mortal soul.

Inspired by the fantasy stories of writers like C.S. Lewis (The Screwtape Letters), Dante (The Divine Comedy), Milton (Paradise Lost), the Book of Revelations, and the “seven deadly sins,” Hellgate Academy is about a young man from Astoria, New York who learns after years of living as a human, that he is actually a Demon. We follow his story as he struggles through his Tempter training at Hellgate Academy.

Accessed through a secret door under Hellgate Bridge, which is an actual bridge in Astoria Park in an outer borough of New York City, Hellgate Academy is like the ivy leagues of demon schools. Our hero, Warren is only there because his uncle is a high ranking official in the demon government. After Warren gets in a few mishaps in his first few days at school, the students are assigned a Human to tempt to the Darkness. But it turns out that Warren is not good at this at all.

Each episode follows Warren as he attempts to practice a different skill, commonly known as the Seven Deadly Sins. The real struggle for Warren is not being able to achieve success despite all the evidence that this is his calling. But there is a deeper truth. He fails so much at being evil because he may not truly be entirely evil, and he is at the center of a battle larger than all of humanity, angels, and demons.

Everyone battles their personal demons… but some demons aren’t very good at the job.

The pilot episode was released on Halloween, October 31, 2018, on the Hellgate Academy YouTube channel.

Hellgate Academy is now pursuing festival presentation opportunities and gauging viewer interest while seeking collaborators to help bring the entire series to life. If you love urban fantasy and want to help us make more episodes of Hellgate Academy, reach out to us on our Contact form.

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